Mrs. Preston's Class



Mrs. Preston's Class


HMMS Mission Statement:

​Head Middle Magnet School will create a culture in which the academics and social foundation of all students are built and fostered beyond district and state expectations.


"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."

~ Albert Einstein

In order to make our classroom a comfortable and encouraging learning environment, we have a clear set of policies and expectations.


  • Class Rules and Procedures

  • Class Supplies (and wish list)

    Necessary Supplies:

    1" Binder, any color,  with two inside pockets, 8-tab dividers is a bonus

    ear buds or headphones

    index cards

    a supply of pencils every day

    a supply of notebook paper

    colored pencils (a set of 12 is fine! but we do use them all the time!)


    Optional Supplies



    pencil pouch (with your name on it!!!!) to carry supplies

    big eraser

    pocket pencil sharpener

    small calculator



    Classroom Wish List

    kleenex (always need more of this!)

  • Grading

    The grading scale for METRO Nashville schools is:


    A          93%-100%


    B          85%-92%


    C          75%-84%


    D          70%-74%


    F          below 70%

  • While You Were Out

    If you have an excused absence, you have as many days as you were absent to make up the work. For example, if you were absent one day, you have one day turn in make up work.


    Here’s how to get your make up work:


    (1) When you return to class, please see the “Pass Out” basket for your class period on the materials counter.  Each day the make up work is updated.


    (2) When you know what the work is, look in the filing trays to pick up the worksheets for the days you were absent.


    (3) Write “ABSENT” on the top of each assignment and place it in the “Turn In” box for your class period, also on the materials counter.


  • Homework

    Homework in science class is always purposeful and will be one of three kinds: (1) “Practice” is very important in cementing what was taught in class.  Without enough practice, kids quickly forget new material. These assignments generally should take 5-10 minutes. (2) “Preparation” ensures kids are ready to participate the next day in class.  These may be brainstorming or reflection assignments and should also only take 5-10 minutes.  (3) “Projects” are completed over several days and require in-depth application of material we’ve learned.  These are assigned infrequently or at the end of a unit.


    Practice assignments are often a “mind map”.  This is a highly visual form of organizing notes.  Students generally take their class notes and rewrite them in the form of a draft “mind map”.  Each day, they add a little more to the draft mind map from class notes.  Before a test, students rewrite their draft “mind map” into a final version.  This then serves as a summary of learning and a study guide.  Both the draft and final “mind maps” are turned in for homework.


  • Homework: Mind Maps

    Students are frequently asked to make “mind maps” from their class notes as homework.  This is a way for students to rework and review what they have just learned in class.  To really learn and remember new material, the brain needs to work with it six times on average.  Mind maps are a highly individualized way of reworking information because everyone thinks of unique ways of categorizing and rewriting their notes.  Mind maps help the brain remember information because they help the learner rework the new material into a colorful picture format that the brain easily “sees”.


    We have practiced mind maps in class and students have been shown good examples.  An example of mind map for students to refer to has been put in their Skills tab of their notebook.


    Instructions for making a mind map are:


    (1) come up with your own categories in which to group and organize your class notes.


    (2) rewrite ALL of your notes into the mindmap.  ALL of your notes.


    (3) Be sure you are including the details from your notes (e.g., defintions & examples)


    (4) Use color


    Mind maps should NOT take a lot of time to make.  For homework, students add to them each day from their class notes.  Sometimes, it will take a week before a mind map is complete. That final product should be excellent evidence that the student has really worked with the material.


    In science, we will be learning a lot of new content at a fast pace.  Students need the detailed practice mindmaps offer.


    Here are some excellent examples that show the level of effort that is expected from my students:


  • Retake Policy in Science

    1. After each Test or Quiz, students will scan their tests for a score. There will be a time limit for every quiz or test.


    2. If you make a 70 or lower you must get your quiz or test signed. The signature will allow you to do a retake. This must be turned in the next day.


    3.  If you make above a 70 but you still would like a retake you must also get your quiz or test signed. This must also be turned in the next day.


    4. It is then your responsibility to study the material missed or get additional assistance during tutoring times before the next scheduled retake.


    We will not use retake tickets in my class. Once your signed test is turned in, you may retake your test in class during work time.


"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." ~ Arthur Ashe

"It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings." ~ Ann Landers



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Mrs. Preston's Class